In 2010 the effects of the economic crisis and austerity measures began to hit hard in Europe. In response, I began working with the Jones family to create a body of work that speaks about the experience of deprivation within a wealthy country. The project began as a brief commission with the charity Save the Children and was later supported by the Getty Image Grant.

The Jones family comprises two parents and seven children who live together in a three-bedroom council house in the industrial city of Wolverhampton, UK. This is the first house that the family has lived in for three generations and, despite it being too small, family memories keep them from moving into larger council accommodation. The Jones’ eldest son – the first ever in his family to go to university – set up his own animation business from his bedroom, which he shares with two brothers. 'Michelle was the first to move out when, at age 21, she met' Alex in the local playground and fell in love. Di Bronchi Jones Bondele was born to Michelle Jones on 11th August, 2012.