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Resonance 感应, OCAT, Xi’an 9.24.16 – 30.2.17

OCAT museum are exhibiting my commissioned series exploring how Chinese youth are weaving together tradition and contemporary life in Xi’an. The ancient capital city of China has a rich culture of music and is proud of being the birthplace of Chinese rock.

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I am excited to collaborate with Flamingo Shanghai's FL:EX Gallery in launching my latest interactive exhibition and workshop  on September 7. In ‘Shanghai Shrines’, photographs provide the departure point for an exploration of all kinds of shrines, both literal and metaphorical, sacred and profane. What do our altars, idols and talismans tell us about beliefs and values in contemporary Shanghai?

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Donggang International Photo festival 2016, Korea

The second largest photo exhibition in Korea, presents Under Gods as one of their main exhibitions and expansive event programme. The curatorial selection committee is headed by Suejin Shin, art director and HeeJung Kim, curator.

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Home Made in Smethwick – Book launch 11th Aug

Home Made in Smethwick offers an intimate portrayal of one of the most culturally rich and ethnically diverse towns in the UK through the language of food.The project was commissioned and published by Multistory with reviews by the Guardian and BJP. Buy the book here.

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Shanghai Sacred in Paris – until November

After three years living in China to work on Shanghai Sacred, I presented the project with professor Benoit Vermander during the international conference Diverse Cultural and Religious Ways of Thinking A Dia-logue at Institut Catholique de Paris, June 27-30, 2016. The exhibition will remain in the public courtyard of Saint Joseph des Carmes, 70 Rue de Vaugirard until November.

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Sony World Photography Award – People’s category professional shortlist

‘Smethwick Streets’ has been selected out of 230,103 images submitted from 186 countries for the people’s category of  Sony World Photography Awards. This series of portraits are part of ‘Taste of Home’ , a project commissioned by Multistory. The images will be exhibited in London from 22nd April - 8th May.

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Shanghai Sacred Exhibition

The Ray Art Centre, Shanghai : 30/8 – 10/18

I am pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of my latest work, made over the last two years whilst based in China. Shanghai Sacred intimately documents the patchwork of “sacred spaces” in this vibrant metropolis, which sees itself as the birthplace of “New China”, a hub of cultural and religious diversity. The project has been produced in collaboration with Professor Benoit Vermander.