MAKING SPACE exhibition 3.17-7.17

The University of Birmingham was the first university to est. a women’s halls of residence in the UK. To capture the stories of inspiring women throughout the history of the university I took over the campus both online and offline with performances, projections and an exhibition.

Fan Bing Bing for TIME 2.17

It was an honour to photograph Fan Bing Bing for the cover of TIME magazine. Fan is the worlds fourth best paid actress and probably the most famous female face in China today. The cover was part of a larger story about China’s relationship with Hollywood, which took me to the world’s largest film studio and a meeting with Jackie Chan. See full article here.

ORPHANS OF PROGRESS 1843 magazine 9.16

With their parents drawn to the cities in search of employment, 61m Chinese children have been left behind. I travelled with  writer Alec Ash  to a remote village in the mountains of Guizhou to meet some of the victims of rapid development. See full article and series of images here.

SIDE Gallery exhibitions -30.17

Under Gods is currently on show at SIDE Gallery in Newcastle. Home Made in Smethwick was part of SIDE’s reopening show Childhoods last year. I plan to work much more with the great team and archive up there soon…

Resonance 感应, OCAT, Xi’an 9.24.16 – 30.2.17

OCAT museum are exhibiting my commissioned series exploring how Chinese youth are weaving together tradition and contemporary life in Xi’an. The ancient capital city of China has a rich culture of music and is proud of being the birthplace of Chinese rock.



I am excited to collaborate with Flamingo Shanghai’s FL:EX Gallery in launching my latest interactive exhibition and workshop  on September 7. In ‘Shanghai Shrines’, photographs provide the departure point for an exploration of all kinds of shrines, both literal and metaphorical, sacred and profane. What do our altars, idols and talismans tell us about beliefs and values in contemporary Shanghai?

Donggang International Photo festival 2016, Korea


The second largest photo exhibition in Korea, presents Under Gods as one of their main exhibitions and expansive event programme. The curatorial selection committee is headed by Suejin Shin, art director and HeeJung Kim, curator.